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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Highlights of the GOG and Green Man Gaming sales

Games from as little as £2.39.

PC gamers rejoice: there are mighty discounts across not one but two shop-fronts this weekend. Whether you're looking for grand strategy or a shot at dinosaur riding, there are games for everyone at all the price-points - with some top-tier titles coming in at under £2.

Lets take a look at the best PC games deals we've unearthed thus far within both the Green Man Gaming and GOG sales.

First up, strategy titles. Anyone looking to set up a colony on the Red Planet couldn't go far wrong with Surviving Mars for a mere £15.49. You can also grab the Season Pass which will grant access to more content than you can shake a furious rover at.


Meanwhile, the scale of Mars is nothing compared to Stellaris, wherein you traverse entire galaxies. It's hard to get your head around at first, but once you get it, it's totally worth it. Go build an intergalactic empire. It's only £8.79 at GOG currently.

On to the action titles. Death, dystopia and jaunty tunes have always meshed well traditionally, but they really shine in the BioShock series, which can be nabbed in its glorious entirety for a mere £8, also at Green Man Gaming.

Kill, breed and scavenge with bonus dinosaurs and mythical monstrosities in Ark: Survival Evolved, which has dropped down to a rapturous £14.85 at Green Man Gaming.

With fewer dinosaurs (unfortunately) but more forbidden treasures, you can nab Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Deluxe Edition for £22.52 - if you've managed to resist its extensive discounts elsewhere, of course. While we're in the relatively new action games camp, there's also Assassins Creed:Odyssey for £29.99. Be swift with that one, it's not going to be Hera very long.

ARK: Survival Evolved

I also can't resist putting the Legacy of Kain series in there; it's a mere £3.19 for four games and also the mysterious, but allegedly bloodthirsty, multiplayer outing Nosgoth.

Let us cruise on over to the RPG section, where The Witcher: Wild Hunt is £10.59. That's, like, 70-plus hours of open-world monster hunting, which is a total steal if you're into that sort of thing.

Budding detectives may enjoy a raft of discounts on Sherlock Holmes titles. These include the rather grisly Jack the Ripper game for a mere £3.50. Another reason not to go Holmes alone.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt

Fans of haunting tales and tough puzzle-platform action will enjoy the Limbo/Inside double pack for only £8.79. If you've not played these guys, there's no excuse, now is the time. Go forth and be haunted forever.

Further into the narrative and adventure front, there's Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut, which is an episodic adventure based in the Longest Journey saga.

Indie darling Firewatch, a curious thriller set in some gorgeous yet lonely woods, is down to only £3.79. This is a wonderful one to play with a friend in a non-co-operative, let's enjoy the scenery and take turns kind of way.


In addition, gorgeous 90s adventure Kathy Rain is down to £2.39.

Happy deal hunting all!