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Jagex reveals Stellar Dawn MMO

RuneScape maker's "most ambitious" yet.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wealthy RuneScape creator Jagex has revealed a new science fiction MMO called Stellar Dawn.

"Public launch", as it's being called, will happen next year. Closed beta sign-ups are happening right now on the Stellar Dawn website.

Stellar Dawn fills the crater that scrapped project MechScape left late last year.

The game appears to offer spaceship-based exploration on various worlds of wacky imaginings.

Like Jagex's flagship fantasy MMO RuneScape, Stellar Dawn will offer a "sizeable chunk" of the world for free. The rest you'll have to pay to unlock. Micro-transactions are probably likely.

Stellar Dawn also uses Jagex's snazzy browser-based game engine which means any old Tom, Dick or Harry with a PC or Mac can play.

That's lucky, because Jagex is calling Stellar Dawn its most ambitious release to date. But, then, so was MechScape.

Eurogamer will be speaking to Jagex at the Brighton Develop Conference later this week.

Here's an artwork sandwich to keep you going until we find out more.

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