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It's only Chesney Hawkes' special Warcraft rendition of hit single The One and Only!

Have a bit of dignity and pride with your Friday.

Warcraft film director Duncan Jones has a bit of a thing for impossibly catchy '90s pop song The One and Only, by Chesney one-hit-wonder Hawkes. Jones snuck the song into his film Moon, via an alarm clock, and into his film Source Code via a phone's ring tone. And he almost got it into Warcraft.

Indeed, "I actually got him [Chesney Hawkes] to do a version as a bard in Warcraft," Jones said a little while ago in an interview with Daily Beast. "He did a Warcraft-medievally version of his single, and it's just brilliant. Unfortunately I was the only one who thought it was hilarious."

Ultimately the song didn't make the final Warcraft cut. "We weren't able to keep it in," said Jones.

However, Jones said during the interview that we may yet hear the song - that he would perhaps find a way to "sneak it into the Twitterverse". And this morning he did exactly that, sharing a link to a recording of Chesney Hawkes' rendition of The One and Only for Warcraft.

"Now, without further ado..." he tweeted. "The lovely Chesney Hawkes and that never heard rendition of The One and Only cut from Warcraft!"

Catchy, isn't it? Oh come on: everyone loves a bit of Chezzer. Sounds quite Hearthstoney during the intro and outro, too.

Here's the original One and Only, if, unbelievably, you've never heard it before.Watch on YouTube

The Warcraft film came out in May/June and while it didn't set the world alight in the West it did very well in the East, China particularly, which means a Warcraft sequel could happen. Oli wrote our Warcraft film review.

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