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It's a lovely weekday morning in the village and you are a horrible goose

A charming new game by the makers of Push Me Pull You.

Who would have thought a game about being a pest of a goose could be so charming?

Imagine you are the waterfowl waddling in from a nearby lake to terrorise a groundskeeper at his work, ticking off a todo list of naughtiness that includes getting into the garden, stealing the groundskeeper's keys, soaking him with a hose and even pinching enough of his produce to have your very own picnic, you absolute rascal.

Carrying out the above involves a canny mixture of distraction and tip-web-toed stealth, as well as liberal use of your goose's iconic honk. Honk honk!

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It all adds up to a delightfully warm, sunny afternoon in the countryside kind of game, with bright, simple colours and jaunty piano plonking along with the bird's irresistible knavery.

There's no official name for this Goose game but it's made by the Australian developer of the bright and bizarre Push Me Pull You, a sports game where two teams of double ended sausage-people go head to head to head to head. Goose is due 2018.

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