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It Takes Two has sold over one million copies

And sales are "still going strong".

Co-op adventure It Takes Two has sold over one million copies.

Celebrating the milestone on Twitter, developer Hazelight Games said sales were "still going strong" and thanked players for "the love you've shown our game".

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play It Takes Two on PS5 - CHAOTIC CO-OP ADVENTURE!

"Wow!!! Just found out It Takes Two has sold over one million copies and is still going strong!" said a tweet on the studio's official Twitter account. "Thank you so much for all the love you've shown our game, it means the world to us."

Director Josef Fares also marked the news with a celebratory tweet, stating he hoped to see "more games like this" given there seems to be plenty of appetite for "co-op-only games".

"This shows that there definitely [are] players that also want to play co-op-only games! Thank you everyone and I hope we see more games like this," Fare said.

Bertie described the game as a "delightful co-op tainted by an irritating story" in the It Takes Two Eurogamer review.

"[I]f you can swat the story away to the background, and consider it a slightly ill-chosen set-up for an adventure, then there's a lot about It Takes Two to enjoy," He said. "This is a rare kind of co-op experience, with an energy and imagination and playfulness that sometimes rivals Nintendo's. As a toy, it can be a joy, and it will create some co-op moments to remember."

ICYMI, Fares fans have found he snuck an audio clip of his Academy Award rant into It Takes Two as part of a bizarre Easter egg.