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iOS puzzler The Room 2 unlocks for iPhone this week

All the key details inside.

Portable puzzler The Room 2 will be available for download on iPhone from this Thursday, 30th January.

The original iPad version launched in December, priced £2.99, while an Android port is scheduled for launch "on or before 14th February", developer Fireproof Studios told Eurogamer.

The game is a sequel to the studio's original The Room, which won the Best British Game BAFTA at last year's awards. Like its predecessor, it tasks player with finding the solutions to locked room and locked object scenarios.

"Crafting a sequel to a bite-sized surprise hit is never easy," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's The Room 2 review. "Fireproof has taken a conservative approach that avoids those pitfalls, but it hasn't abandoned ambition in the process. I doubt the structural integrity of The Room would survive another extension, but this is still a perfect game for a cold winter's night."