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Influence next Fable in Lionhead survey

How important is Live co-op? The dog?

You can influence future Fable projects at Lionhead by filling out a survey.

The developer wants to know which of the series features you like most. To measure that, Lionhead has set down 13 pivotal parts of a Fable experience and asked you to rate them from one - least important, to 13 - most important.

The categories are accessibility; be special and be a hero; charm and humour; emotional connections through drama; freedom; hero customisation; hero morphing; Live co-op; local co-op; player choices that affect the world; simulation; and, finally, the dog.

Simulation covers the sandbox elements of Fable such as buying a house, doing jobs, trading, having sex with a condom, having sex without a condom - that sort of thing. Accessibility encompasses the one button to shoot, one button to hit, one button to cast spells controls, among other things.

Would Lionhead bother with such a survey if a new Fable project wasn't in development? The last Fable game to arrive was Fable III; beyond that we know nothing of Lionhead's plans.

Fable III provided a hearty, endearing tale of a hero overthrowing an evil monarch to rule a kingdom. The Eurogamer score of 8/10 may seem unremarkable next to the 10/10 commanded by Fable II, but make no mistake, there are joyful advancements here by a game that arguably had to work harder for its praise.

Fable III.