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inFamous 2 has user-generated content

Test new mission-making tools in April.

Open-world electrical action game inFamous 2 will sport a thorough mission-making toolset, developer Sucker Punch has revealed.

Yours are the same tools that Sucker Punch used to make missions. Once constructed, missions can be uploaded and shared with the wider community.

Other people's work will be displayed as regular missions in your inFamous 2 game world. Walk closer and the PSN ID of the creator will be displayed, as will the mission's current rating. And those that score highest will be featured by developer Sucker Punch, who will be watching, always, eyes like CCTV cameras.

Sucker Punch will run a beta in early April to test the mission maker. Sign-ups begin on 14th March.

"There really aren't a lot of limits to the sorts of missions you can build. Mission creators have access to the same set of characters, creatures and props [as Sucker Punch do], so if you want to set a pack of Hive Lords rumbling after Cole through the streets of New Marais, you can do it. If you want to have Cole and Zeke face off against Nix and Kuo, you can do it," wrote SP development director Chris Zimmerman on the European PlayStation blog.

"If you want to bend the rules of inFamous 2 to create new kinds of missions, you can do that too. Wish inFamous 2 had pure stealth missions? No problem - you can create stealth missions. Looking for more of a challenge? Try taking away some of Cole's powers, see how the player does facing a platoon of Militia wielding only his Amp. Or add an old-school platforming challenge, or a race, or... I could go on all day.

"It's pretty easy to do missions that are more like mini-games, too. Skeet shooting? No problem. Disc golf? Assuming you're happy tossing around cars instead of Frisbees, sure. How about a mission where Zeke just tells you bad jokes until you shoot him? Um, yeah, you can do that, too."

Eurogamer lept into the world of inFamous 2 recently. "The good news is that the moment-to-moment combat has been beefed up and, if Sucker Punch can smooth out the movement control a little, inFamous 2 is shaping up as another solid open-world action experience," concluded Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead.