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inFamous 2 gets US release date

Plus, Hero Edition confirmed for Europe.

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PlayStation 3 superhero sequel inFamous 2 launches in the US on 7th June, publisher Sony has announced.

The announcement came via the US PlayStation Blog. Unfortunately, its European equivalent was unwilling to confirm a date for this side of the pond, but did detail the various special editions that will be available when it does eventually make the trip over.

The Hero Edition, news of which leaked earlier this month, comes with a replica of Cole's sling bag, a Cole figurine, a limited edition comic book, the game's soundtrack and a voucher that lets you download the following:

  • 'Electrocution Grenade' weapon
  • 'Original Cole' skin
  • 'Golden Amp' weapon
  • 'Lightning Hook' weapon
  • 'Kessler' skin

The more modest Special Edition, which comes in both 'good' and 'bad' sleeves, includes just the Electrocution Grenade, Golden Amp and Cole skin. Various retailer-specific pre-order offers add the Lightning Hook and Kessler Skin, or the soundtrack.

Last time we checked in on the Sucker Punch-developed open world romp it was shaping up rather well.

"New setting, new powers, and plenty of refinements: there's plenty to look forward to in inFamous 2," wrote Christian Donlan, "and Sucker Punch has already proven it's capable of building interesting playgrounds and filling them with side quests and collectables."

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