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inFamous 2 EU PS3 bundle announced

EU release date confirmed.

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PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous 2 launches in the UK, Germany and Ireland on 10th June, Sony has announced.

It launches in the rest of the PAL territories on 8th June.

An inFamous 2 PS3 bundle, which comes with a copy of the game, 320GB PS3 console and standard black Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller, was also announced.

Additionally, two exclusive inFamous 2 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller bundles are due for release in June.

"For those who want to play it safe, take home the 'good' Dualshock 3 bundle where your copy of the game will come with a limited edition 'cosmic blue' wireless controller," Sony said on the back in business EU PlayStation Blog. "And for the more morally ambiguous out there, take home the 'evil' bundle which comes with an exclusive 'crimson red' wireless controller." Sony today detailed the various editions of the game set for launch in Europe.

The Special Edition comes with extra digital content, including the Electrocution Grenade power, Golden Amp and an exclusive Cole MacGrath skin from inFamous 1.

The Hero Edition comes with the Lightning Hook downloadable power, Kessler skin, a Cole MacGrath figurine and inFamous comic from DC Comics, a replica Cole MacGrath messenger bag and the inFamous 2 digital soundtrack.

Images of the various offerings are below, alongside the inFamous 2 opening cinematic.

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