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Indian firm buys half of Codemasters

Has "immense resources", says pub.

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British publisher Codemasters is planning to "leapfrog" into the big league after a 50 per cent acquisition by Indian giant Reliance Big Entertainment.

The deal will be overseen by games division Zapak Digital Entertainment and secure the future of Codemasters, which had looked wobbly.

"I think it leapfrogs us forward," Codemasters boss Rod Cousens told, "and where we've been this high-quality company in England, I think this really propels us on a global stage, and no one can doubt the financial resources behind this company now."

Cousens said Reliance has "immense resources", and that online portal Zapak and Jump Games have huge potential to spur online Codemasters growth. India, too, is a "high-growth" market, fanatical about cricket and soon perhaps formula 1 - two areas Codemasters is familiar with.

That's not to mention India's out-sourcing "potential", Cousens added, nor Reliance's funding-fingers that are dipped in the Dreamworks pie. "That's also something to consider," said Cousens, "and whether there are areas of collaboration.

"But sitting beneath all of that, ironically - and believe me, this was never the lead on the agenda - but titles like Dance Factory, as you look at Bollywood and the TV dance shows... If you then start to look at what we can do through Zapak - plus the Sensible titles we have, such as Cannon Fodder and Megalomania, for us it's just great," Cousens offered.

The Codemasters boss also talked of participation in the social games market and on iPhone and mobile.

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