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If you buy the Xbox One version of The Outer Worlds on a disc you need to download a 38GB day one patch


The physical version of The Outer Worlds on Xbox One has a huge 38GB day one patch, developer Obsidian has warned.

The physical PlayStation 4 version has an 18GB day one patch.

This includes tweaks and optimisation fixes, Obsidian said in a forum post.

If you're buying digitally you don't have to worry about the patch as it's included in the download. The patch is also included in the pre-load of the game.

But if you buy The Outer Worlds on a disc, be prepared for a hefty download. According to the Microsoft Store, the Xbox One version of The Outer Worlds weighs in at 36.78GB, so this day one update is around the same size as the game itself, which is quite something.

"To experience the game in the best way possible, please make sure to install this update before playing," Obsidian said.

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This news hasn't gone down well among some people interested in buying the game. Obsidian forum user "UlfGeir" said: "Yikes. I'm excited for this game's release, but that 38GB day-one patch on Xbox is going to be a major inconvenience. I pre-ordered the game on physical media so I could avoid a significant download. But judging from the size of this patch, it's going to be the equivalent of downloading the whole game.

"I'm way out in the boonies and have to use satellite service for internet, so I have a data cap I need to manage each month (100GB). That day-one patch would wipe out 40 per cent of my data for the month."