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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Hyper Light Drifter and Eldritch get greenlit on Steam

Along with 30 other titles.

Phenomenal Kickstarter success Hyper Light Drifter has made its way past the gates of Steam Greenlight, which is rather impressive for a game that still has nine days left in its crowdfunding campaign.

Hyper Light Drifter.

Also heading the list is Eldritch, a first-person Lovecraftian roguelike by the brothers Pittman, who worked on Borderlands and BioShock.

Another highlight is Race the Sun, an endless flyer about dodging geometric shapes as you follow a sunset in perpetuity. It's already out on the developer's website where it's half off its usual $10 price tag for the next six days. Those who order it from there will also receive a Steam Key for when the game goes live on Valve's portal.

The full list of titles recently accepted on Steam Greenlight is as follows:

  • A-Train9 - Cyberfront Corporation
  • AdventurOS - Evelend Games
  • Age Of Wushu - SnailgamesUSA
  • Cabal Online - ESTsoft
  • Claire - savionen
  • Comicado - Jugival
  • Crystal Kingdom - EpicBeyondStudios
  • Death Road to Canada - Rocketcat Games
  • Dysis - ODG
  • E.T. Armies - Raspina
  • Eldritch - dphrygian
  • Fantasy Grounds Virtual RPG Tabletop - Smiteworks
  • Fibrillation - EgorRezenov
  • Haunted - dtp entertainment AG
  • Hyper Light Drifter - Pill Box
  • Iron Soul - BluBeeGames
  • Lost Sector Online - lostsector
  • McDroid - laurent
  • Mosaico: Tiling Window Manager - uakiki
  • MouseCraft - Crunching Koalas
  • Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
  • No Heroes - Drunken Lizard Games
  • Of Guards And Thieves - Subvert Games
  • Pulsar: Lost Colony - cptslog
  • Race the Sun - freakyforest
  • The Sandbox - Pixowl
  • Shade 3D Basic - Mirye Software
  • Skyscraper Simulator - Libredia
  • Slenderman's Shadow - marcsteene
  • Vox - Always Geeky
  • Wildfire Worlds - Dot Product
  • Zombies.- bignic
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