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Hybrid plans "persistent online World War"

Scribblenauts dev details "innovative" FPS.

Hybrid, the forthcoming online FPS from the studio behind DS hit Scribblenauts, will feature a "persistent online World War" which will continue to rage even while you're not playing.

The announcements comes in a new info dump from developer 5th Cell about the Xbox Live Arcade shooter, first revealed late last year.

The game follows a global conflict between a race called the Variant that have been "genetically altered" following an asteroid strike, and the planet's immune populace, known as the Paladin.

You'll have to choose a hero from one of the two factions and then go at it online, helping your faction capture territories and strive for total global domination.

5th Cell is promising a single unified world server to help achieve its vision.

The developer also teased an "innovative new system unique to the shooter genre" called Combat Focused Movement, which it plans to properly unveil at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month.

There's no confirmed release date for the title, but have a look at the new screens below to see how the ambitious title is shaping up.