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How to get a mount in Diablo 4

Saving the world is easier when you have a horse. Trust me.

Whether you're a new player checking out Diablo 4 on Game Pass, or returning to the game, you'll want to know how to get a mount to help you traverse between each region.

The overall map of Diablo 4 is comprised of multiple regions - that is to say, it's very large, and travelling between them all can take quite a bit of time, particularly when you don't have a mount or fast travel options.

To help you along and get up to speed with a steed of your own, we'll be diving into how to get a mount in Diablo 4 - both on your first playthrough and if skipping the campaign - as well as how the stable works.

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How to get a mount in Diablo 4

For those of you with existing characters or who are playing through the campaign for the first time, you'll need to progress through a large chunk of the story to unlock this feature.

Essentially, keep playing the campaign until you reach Act IV and have completed the quest 'A Master’s Touch'. Once that's done, you'll then receive a new quest called Donan’s Favors and completing this is what'll unlock your first mount.

However, if you have chosen to skip the campaign, things work slightly different.

If you've skipped the campaign, you'll have to first reach level 25 before you can unlock access to mounts.

Once level 25, you should unlock that same 'Donan's Favors' priority quest that'll send you to speak to Oskar in Kyovashad. By completing this, you'll then have access to a mount yourself and be free to roam the world at a much quicker rate.

You can use a horse in Diablo 4 as a mount.

Once you have your first mount unlocked, you can summon it in most places in the game. Just keep in mind that it has a 10-second cooldown when you dismount.

When riding a horse, you can traverse the regions of Sanctuary faster and have three charges of spurring to make it run faster. Mounts also give you access to a special action called Combat Dismount which makes your character jump from the horse and attack enemies.

Diablo 4 Stable explained

After completing Donan's Favors, which unlocks the mount in Diablo 4, the stables become accessible as well.

By talking to the Stable Master NPC found in various cities, you can customise various aspects of your mount on the 'Stable' tab. Customisation options include the base mount itself, its armor, and the trophy accessory it carries along with it.

You can also buy and acquire further options for your noble steed via the 'Vendor' tab too.

You can buy new armor for your mount in Diablo 4 via the in-game store with Platinum.
The in-game store in Diablo 4.

In terms of the aforementioned customisation options, the picks here are cosmetic-only, meaning the base mount, its armor and trophies don't affect their speed or abilities. Along with the variants you can acquire by playing the game, further mounts and accessories can be purchased in the in-game store for Platinum, the premium currency in Diablo 4 which costs real money.

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