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Horizon Forbidden West is now under £50 at Currys

You don't have to travel as far as Aloy to find a good deal.

Horizon Forbidden West, the much-anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, launched last week almost exactly five years after its predecessor. The PlayStation exclusive game can be bought as a physical copy or as a digital download, which has a file size of roughly 90GB.

Forbidden West continues on the story of Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy, as she must travel west to find the source of a mysterious plague. Forbidden West looks absolutely amazing, and it is worth its full price tag for the size and depth of its world and how beautiful it looks.

The game is a lot of fun too, exploration is rewarding and the interaction with the machines is challenging and has a lot of variety. If you can get this game under the £65 retail price this early, it is well worth doing.

And lucky for you, we've spotted you can get Horizon Forbidden West at Currys right now for £47.99 if you use the code 'SWNEXTDAY' at checkout.

To get the game at this price, you will need to buy the PS4 version, as the PS5 version is £64.99. Don't worry if you are a PS5 user, you will get the next-gen upgrade of the game for free so you just need to download that 90GB file after you get the physical copy.

Once the PS4 version is in your cart, don't select a delivery slot and instead choose the free 3-5 delivery option or pick up in store option. Then add the code SWNEXTDAY at checkout and you should get the £5 reduction.

We're not sure why there's such a disparity between the PS4 and PS5 versions of new games right now, but it's best to take advantage of the free upgrades and the discounts on the PS4 copies. If you want more games for your PS5, have a look at our best PS5 games list , and if you haven't got your hands on a console, keep checking our PS5 stock tracker to help you get your hands on one. We also tweet out PS5 stock updates on the Jelly Deals Twitter account, as well as deals on games like this one.