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Hogwarts Legacy State of Play set for Thursday

Lumos gameplay.

Sony has announced another State of Play this week, this time focused on Hogwarts Legacy.

It will take place on Thursday 17th March at 9pm UK time on Twitch and YouTube.

The presentation will last for 20 minutes and feature an extended 14 minute first look at gameplay for the Harry Potter RPG.

Since Sony first announced the game back in 2020, the trailer has been viewed over 28m times on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Fans have been eager for more information ever since.

There's still no specific release date for the game, though the official word is it will be released in 2022 despite reports of a delay.

Perhaps we'll get a firm release date on Thursday.

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Hogwarts Legacy

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

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