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Hitman's permanently failable Elusive Targets delayed

But two new Escalation Contracts are coming each week.

Hitman developer Io-Interactive is still navigating the waters of how to release a triple A game episodically and we've got some good news and bad news. The bad news first: the much touted Elusive Targets have been delayed until "closer to the planned release of the next episode" in April.

Why are two models showing off the SAME outfit?

Elusive Targets is a new a timed mode in which you must assassinate an unmarked target and you only get one shot at it. If you die or the target escapes, that's it. You missed your chance and you can't play it again. That sense of permanence is designed to drastically increase the stakes in this upcoming challenge mode. Sounds fun.

The good news is that the developer just added two new Escalation Contracts and will continue adding pairs of these on a weekly basis through the release of the Sapienza chapter in April.

The Osterman Mosaic tasks players with stabbing their target with a sabre while increasingly challenging limitations are placed on you with each successive run. The Gemini Fiasco makes you dress as fashion model/spy Helmut Kruger as you must poison your target.

In the coming weeks Io will also be releasing The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack consisting of 10 new challenges based around everyone's favourite Hitman disguise. No specific date has been set for this, but it will be included in the next game update.

Last week we had a couple of Escalation Contracts drop - one of which was based around the beloved Vampire Magician costume. It was one of the highlights to a game that's gotten off to a strong start.

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