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Hitman's first added mission makes you dress as a vampire magician

Two new Escalation Contracts keep Paris fresh.

We've still got a few weeks before Hitman's second Italy-bound chapter drops in April, but IO Interactive has kept good on its word of supplying further content for its already existing stages.

Escalation Missions, due to their lack of a save function and increasingly stringent requirements, are thus far my favourite part of Hitman.

The first two additional Escalation Contracts have emerged, each tasking players with an assassination, then offering increasingly challenging variants of that mission.

New Escalation Contract "The Holmwood Disturbance" tasks players with eliminating Faustin D'Aoust with a firearm while donning the disguise of a vampire magician. Further versions of the mission will ask you to add an additional target, disallow pacifications, add more security cameras, and limit you to a single extraction point.

"The Mandelbulb Requiem" requires Agent 47 to eliminate Michel Charest while dressed as a Palace Staffer. Further escalations add new objectives like hacking a laptop, donning a different disguise, and contending with increased security like more cameras and tripwires.

To make Escalation Contracts extra tricky, there's no saving mid-mission. You only get one shot at this. Good luck, 47!