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Hitman's final Elusive Target premieres Friday

This is our last goodbye.

Hitman's 26th and final Elusive Target for Season One will launch this Friday at 1pm UK time. It will be available for exactly 10 days (240 hours).

Called The Entertainer, this timed event will be set in Marrakesh. It has two objectives: kill Mr. Giggles, and retrieve the client list.

Completing Elusive Targets unlocks new outfits. These rewards are purely cosmetic, but they offer bragging rights since these missions can never be repeated. So if you see someone strutting around with a Signature Suit and leather gloves, that means they aced over half of these events.

If you're late to the party, there's still some cool stuff you can unlock. If this is the first Elusive Target you manage to complete in Marrakesh, you'll receive the Summer Suit with Gloves. Complete the mission with a Silent Assassin ranking (i.e. no alerts, bodies spotted, and only killing your target) and you'll get the Terminus Suit.

The Hitman franchise is in a sort of limbo at the moment as publisher Square Enix parted ways with developer IO Interactive. The good news is that the Copenhagen studio retained the rights to Hitman and it was already planning future seasons of the assassination series. This shift to going fully independent has been a rocky one with some staff getting laid off, but hopefully this new arrangement will allow IO to continue doing what it does best: making games about a bald man who murders people.

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