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Hilarious FIFA 21 bug sees players do their best Super Mario impression

Lingardium Leviosa.

FIFA 21 has an odd and sometimes hilarious bug that sees a player jump into the air like Super Mario.

I've seen plenty of clips of players improbably flying into the air in some wonderfully-timed situations. Here's a snippet:

Gif credit r/FIFA.

I'm not sure what's happening here. Is a particular skill move triggering the leap? A combination of button presses? Some glitch in the system powering the game?

Whatever the case, it does feel like FIFA 21 has more than its fair share of bugs. I've already reported on another hilarious glitch that sees the ball stuck at the top of the goal. Honestly, it's great.

But there are many other bugs FIFA 21 players are finding with the game, some more serious than others. There's another one I've personally experienced that sees the referee blow for halftime even during the most inappropriate moments.

Cover image for YouTube videoFifa 21, great time for half time whistle hahaha

I'm sure EA Sports will want to tackle this FIFA 21 jump bug, but I kind of hope it doesn't stamp it out too soon. I mean, just look at it.