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This FIFA 21 bug sets a high bar for video game glitches

It's a keeper.

I've a soft spot for FIFA bugs. As players clash within the game's physics system, things sometimes go wrong. The ball flies off into orbit, limbs twist and turn to form Lovecraftian nightmares, and the AI creates mysterious giant goalkeepers who spread through the game like a virus.

And then there's this one, by far my favourite FIFA 21 bug since the game came out, that has... well, a lot going on.

Redditor BuschLatte146 uploaded a clip of a FIFA 21 Squad Battle game (this is the mode with Ultimate Team that pits you against a computer-controlled team) that shows a shot on goal from kick off that ends up stuck in top bins.

I have no words from r/fut

The ball hovers at top of the goal, just under where the crossbar and post meet, neither passing across the line or moving away from it. The goalkeeper flaps about underneath, trying and failing to grab the ball. One of the defenders trots over for a closer look, but doesn't lift a finger to help. Eventually the player-controlled player comes storming in, and there's a brief FIFA physics moment before the ball decides to fall, and it drops over the goal line, seemingly oblivious to the chaos it has caused.

My favourite part of this clip is the commentary - poor Derek Rae seems locked in a loop, rinsing his various lines of dialogue used to describe a shot that hits the bar. It's amazing.

I'm playing FIFA 21 on and off and haven't encountered any severe bugs such as this, although during a game with my brother over the weekend the ref blew for half time just as I scored a goal from a corner, which is all sorts of broken. Apparently this is a thing this year.

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