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Here's where to expect more PS5 stock this week

It's the largest batch of PS5 consoles available in the UK for a while.

After an extended period of silence, more PS5 stock is set to be available this week in the UK - and these are the retailers you'll want to keep an eye on.

Amazon, Game, Argos, Very and John Lewis are the five main stores that are poised to release more PS5 consoles into the wild over the next few days. The expectation is they will mostly be the standard PS5 but there will also be a smaller percentage of PS5 Digital Edition consoles, too.

This info comes from the bright minds running the PS5 Stock UK tracker on Twitter. Using a combination of insider information and analysis of previous PS5 stock drops, it has also put together a fairly comprehensive time scale of when the latest batch could go up for sale.

Of course, these dates and times aren't guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate but should give you a fairly strong idea of when you should be prepared to follow Twitter updates or hammer that refresh button.

Now, while trying to get a PS5 console has been an absolute nightmare for many - and Sony expects PS5 shortages to last until 2022 - this May drop is likely to be your best opportunity since launch. There is going to be a significant number of consoles available from retailers, a lot more than many previous stock refreshes.

Apart from the key retailers listed above, you might also want to be ready to check ShopTo, Asda, Scan and Studio for consoles. Their allocation of PS5s will likely be far less than the main players but it'll definitely increase your chances by giving yourself more options. Meanwhile, Currys PC World has been emailed those who registered their interest to buy a PS5 when more stock becomes available. If you've done that, do be sure to check your inbox!

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Remember, you can always keep an eye on our page dedicated to all the latest on PS5 stock. We'll be keeping it updated throughout the week and beyond. Or, for more immediate updates, chuck us a follow over at Jelly Deals on Twitter.

Good luck if you're planning to get a console this week!