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Here's a first (brisk) look at The Witcher's second season on Netflix

Geralt loada this then.

It's been almost a year and a half since our coins were well and truly tossed by Netflix's inaugural season of The Witcher, so anticipation is understandably high for news on Season Two. As part of its Geeked Week of reveals, Netflix teased a first look at things to come, and it's delivered exactly that - albeit limiting itself to just 12 measly seconds of footage.

Even before the conclusion of The Witcher's well-received first season, Netflix confirmed an eventual return for Geralt, Jennefer, Ciri, and Jaskier (as played by Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, and Joey Batey respectively).

Since then, we've learned the second season - which promises to dial back on the time-hopping antics of its predecessor - will usher in new cast members including Simon Callow as the Dorian detective Codringher, Silent Witness' Liz Carr as business partner Fenn, Bridgerton's Adjoa Andoh as priestess Nenneke, and Brave New World's Cassie Clare as Phillippa Eilhart, sorceress and advisor to King Vizimir.

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Following a few coronavirus-related delays, filming on The Witcher's second season is now complete, with post-production firmly underway. And with all signs pointing to a release later this year, fans have been eager for a first proper glimpse of things to come - which we now have, in a slightly underwhelming form. Behold the first 12, Ciri-themed seconds of footage from The Witcher's Season Two:

Eagled-eyed viewers might spot a few clues as to the locations Geralt and pals will be visiting in Season Two - alongside some tiny story hints, as broken down by Netflix's Geeked Week Twitter feed - but there's probably only limited excitement (and absolutely no Henry Cavill) to be gleaned from that initial 12-second teaser.

Additional details will undoubtedly follow, but Witcher fans do, of course, have more than just Season Two to look forward to. Netflix previously confirmed it's working on a six-part, live-action Witcher prequel, Blood Origins - set 1200 years prior to the events of the main TV series and focussing on the first Witcher prototype and the Conjunction of the Spheres. And then there's Netflix's animated Witcher movie, Nightmare of the Wolf, although neither of these two ventures were featured during today's Geeked Week reveal show.