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Here's a brand new card from Hearthstone's next expansion

Cloning Device.

The Boomsday Project, Hearthstone's next expansion, is set to launch on 7th August - but we can show off one of its brand new cards on Eurogamer today.

Cloning Device is a Priest spell with the keyword Discover, so you can snaffle a copy of a minion in your opponent's deck.

Of course, with that ability you also get the chance to see the kind of deck your opponent is running - and speculate what else they may have coming up. Discover lets you pick one card from three - giving you knowledge of three cards in your rival's arsenal.

Blizzard was kind enough to send over a larger, cleaner version of the card's artwork for your perusal. It fits into the overall Boomsday Project theme, of science and robotics, which will see the return of Hearthstone's fan-favourite mad scientist Dr. Boom, introduced in 2014's Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

The Boomsday Project will feature a new keyword, Magnetic, which will fuse together cards tagged as mechs to create a more powerful version - like when you stick Transformers together.

The set will also contain scientific Project spells that give both players an advantage, and Omega cards which give an added effect when played with 10 Mana crystals - shifting a good early-game card into an excellent late-game one. Here's the Hearthstone team larking about in their lab to introduce the set via video link:

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