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Here are a few things you may have missed in the GTA 5 trailer

Weapon wheels, returning favourites and nob gags, of course.

Yesterday was a good day. Rockstar's got the knack of making the internet stop in its tracks whenever it deems us all worthy of another look at its new beau, and the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer was no exception. We'd all heard all the splendid things about how Rockstar North's game would be offering up the most expansive open world, and how the mechanics have learnt from the likes of Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, but seeing it all come together in action was something else. This really looks like the San Andreas follow-up everyone's been wishing for.

Chris has already explored why exactly the series has plumped for comedy, and now here's a chance to rewind and pick out some of the smaller details in the trailer. This is far from a comprehensive list - and if you've got more you've picked up, please let us know - but it's a little insight into what to expect when GTA 5 finally launches on September 17. That date really can't come soon enough.

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