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Hellgate Stonehenge content live today

Raids, duelling, level-scalable quests.

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The Stonehenge Chronicles update for Hellgate: London is going live today.

Developer boss Bill Roper aired the news on the game's official website, asking for feedback so he can keep making improvements.

Stonehenge is a new hub for subscribers to explore with lots more quests and items and things to do. Most interesting are a non-linear Essence Caves quest line scalable to you and your party's level (repeatable), and raid adventure The Wild catering for large groups. Lots of lovely loot, apparently.

Broader changes available to everyone are a new duelling area where you can fight your friends, as well as numerous class tweaks and fixes particularly for the Evoker and Guardian classes.

The Hellgate: London website has a full list of patch notes for inquisitive types, or you can get our thoughts on the game in the Hellgate: London review.

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