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Hellgate MMO mode priced

USD 9.95 a month, says Roper.

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Flagship Studios and EA have finally decided on a pricing model for Hellgate: London's MMO mode.

It will cost you USD 9.95 a month, and we're promised that pricing for other regions will be "equally friendly".

"For gamers that want more, we're committed to creating ongoing content and provide meaningful updates," Bill Roper, CEO of developer Flagship Studios, told Eurogamer. "Players that want to subscribe to the game can get this additional service and ongoing content for USD 9.95 [a month]."

Those of you who choose this enhanced option can expect the same sort of treatment experienced in other MMOs. There will be regular updates, raid content, guilds; all the bits and pieces you might expect. And Roper was keen to point out that it won't detract from the single-player and basic online experience.

"We know that a compelling single-player game is something that a great many gamers still want, so to be able to provide that and also create a compelling online game was our goal from day one," he added.

Hellgate: London is a single-player and massively-multiplayer online role-playing game for PC, which will let you roam the historic streets of the city while battling hordes of nasties from the depths of hell.

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Alternatively stay glued to Eurogamer for our exclusive interview with Bill Roper later in the week.

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