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Hellgate Guy Fawkes content

Elite mode for all.

Flagship Studios is taking down the Hellgate: London servers this afternoon to add some special content for "Guy Fawkes' Night", a holiday still celebrated in England.

It will add a slew of themed things to see and do for subscribers, as well as reward non-payers with the Elite difficulty for a real man's challenge.

Subscribers can expect to be able to hunt down some new named monsters that have bigger teeth than normal, get their hands on grenades to throw around festively, enjoy numerous new recipes and schematics, eat sticky and sweet things like toffee apples, and revel in themed equipment dropped by dying monsters.

There will also be lots of visual treats to get you in the spirit, like big bonfires and all that. However, all of this - including the Elite mode for non-subscribers - will disappear on 11th November, so make sure you don't tarry.

Hellgate: London was released last Friday and got a pat on the back from us for its compelling blend of action and role-playing. We are also currently running a competition to give away the game and PC to play it on, so you might want to check that out.