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Hellgate demo this week

Either today or tomorrow.

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Update: EA has waded in and said it will be exclusively available on Game Daily from 17:00 BST today, and available everywhere else 24 hours later.

Flagship Studios has said that a demo for Hellgate: London will be available this week.

According to its website it should be with us today, although everywhere else in the world seems to think general public will be able to download it tomorrow. EA was unavailable to clear it up.

It will be a single-player sampler that lets you test out two of the six character classes from the game: the Blademaster, a melee specialist who likes to get up close and personal, or a Marksman that prefers to keep his enemies at about sniper-distance.

Open to you is a snippet of the storyline to work through, and a couple of side quests to wander off on as you explore the streets and tunnels around Holborn Station - which opened in 1906 before being modernised in 1933. I like trains.

Hopefully it will all come together to give you a good idea of what to expect when the full action role-playing game appears here on 2nd November.

Keep an eye on that official website for places to download the demo from, or pop into our Hellgate: London gamepage for a better idea of what to expect.

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