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Hearthstone's new Egypt-themed expansion returns four fan favourites

Pyramid scheme.

This year's second big Hearthstone expansion is the Egyptian-themed Saviours of Uldum, and it will see the return of the fan-favourite League of Explorers - from Hearthstone's previous expansion League of Explorers.

Due to launch on 6th August, the 135-card set will also feature a new keyword, Reborn. This will return an enemy to life the first time they're destroyed, albeit with just one Health point.

A set of all-powerful new spell cards named Plagues will also feature, such as the Priest class' nine mana cost Plague of Death, which Silences then destroys all minions. RIP Deathrattles.

There are new Quest cards, too, which will give powerful Hero Powers - such as card draw for zero cost, or combining the effects of Choose One cards.

And then there's the return of Reno, Elise, Brann and Sir Finley - who star in the Saviours of Uldum reveal trailer below. Out of all Hearthstone's expansions, this team is one of the game's most memorable creations:

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The set will also come with another solo adventure, due to be revealed at a later date.