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Hearthstone's next expansion is a love letter to classic dungeon crawlers

It even has a rogue-like single-player mode.

Blizzard has announced this year's final Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs.

Kobolds & Catacombs is, says Blizzard, a love letter to classic fantasy dungeon crawlers, and harks "back to the roots of classic fantasy, full of monsters, treasures, and traps". It will add a total of 135 new cards, including brand-new legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons will be available for all nine of Hearthstone's classes - even ones that have never had weapons before. One of these, Dragon Soul, belongs to the priest, and enables you to summon a huge dragon once you've cast three spells in a turn.

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Other revealed cards include Crushing Walls - which will destroy your opponent's left and right-most minions - and Marin the Fox. Marin is a legendary adventurer who will summon a treasure chest when played. Successfully opening the chest will reward "crazy" cards like Tolin's Goblet, which lets you draw a card and then fill your hand with copies of it. Marin the Fox will be available for free to everyone that logs into Hearthstone from Monday.

Some cards in the new expansion will include the new keyword 'recruit'. These cards immediately summon minions from your deck and put them into play. Some cards will recruit minions that match certain conditions, while others recruit randomly chosen minions.

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There's also a new free, completely separate, single-player experience called Dungeon Run - which, says Blizzard, is like nothing that's come before in Hearthstone.

It's essentially a rogue-like dungeon crawler, in which players are challenged to defeat eight random bosses as they venture into the depths. Your starting deck always consist of ten cards, and successfully defeating a boss will expand it with new cards to increase your power each game. If you lose to a boss, however, you'll need to start all over from the beginning. Blizzard is calling Dungeon Run its "most re-playable single-player content ever".

Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs will launch in December.