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Hearthstone's Naxxramas cards revealed, bosses detailed

New cardbacks, card changes too.

The entire card set for Hearthstone's The Curse of Naxxramas expansion has appeared online, ahead of its simultaneous European and North American release at some point overnight.

Eurogamer expects Naxxramas to be available in the UK around 11pm BST tonight.

Along with details of the new cards, reams of other data about Naxxramas' bosses, cardbacks and card changes are also included.

As detailed by Hearthpwn, Naxxramus will include 30 new collectable cards, plus a variety of other surprises that will be unleashed upon players by the expansion's many bosses.

Spoilers follow.

From a brief look at the new cards it's clear that their introduction will shake up the game's existing landscape. Legendary card Loatheb looks like it will impact the popular Miracle Rogue playstyle, while Unstable Ghoul's Deathrattle power could help combat the current influx of low-cost Zoo decks.

Existing card Eaglehorn Bow is being nerfed, meanwhile. It will now only trigger its power when your own secrets are played - not your opponents' as well.

Four new cardbacks have been added, including a Naxxramas-themed design for competing in Ranked mode in July, an icy design for competing in August, plus a reward for beating Naxxramas' Heroic mode and a special design which has something to do with eSports group TESPA.

A single-player campaign-based mode designed to be similar to World of Warcraft's dungeons, Naxxramas will pit you against 15 bosses - many of which have their own over-powered cards and hero powers. Patchwerk's hero power will simply destroy a minion outright, for example, while Gluth's hero power can nerf the health of all minions down to one.

See all of the new collectable cards below.

Check out our Naxxramas walkthrough if you're struggling to gather a card for your collection.