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Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas single-player pricing detailed

Buy everything for as little as £13.99 or 2800 gold.

Blizzard has finally revealed the pricing for its first Hearthstone single-player expansion Curse of Naxxramas.

So here's how it'll work: Naxxramas will consist of five wings, with a new wing opening each week. During its month-long launch event the first wing, Arachnid Quarter, will be free. After that, you'll be able to purchase the four remaining wings for 700 gold or £4.99 / €5.99 / $6.99 each.

For better value you can buy the wings in a bundle. Snatching up all five add-ons will cost £17.49 / €21.99 / $24.99, but if you get in on the month-long promotional launch event you can purchase just wings 2-5 bundled together for £13.99 / €17.99 / $19.99.

You can even mix and match how you pay for these add-ons with smaller bundles available. So if you get the first wing free in the launch event, then purchase the second one with in-game currency, you can still buy a smaller bundle of just wings 3-5 for £11.49 / €13.99 / $14.99.

To enter the Naxxramas launch event, go to the Necropolis while the event is active and you'll automatically get whisked away to the Arachnid Quarter.

One neat feature in the expansion will be Hero Mode. Once you've defeated every boss in a particular wing, an extra hard version of that stage will become available. Conquer every boss in this and you'll get a new card back for your collection.

This should be easy for Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole, who beat Trump at Hearthstone.

Blizzard recently noted that Curse of Naxxramas was on track for a July release.

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