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Hearthstone shakes up ranked play progression ladder

Two rungs make it right.

Blizzard is shaking up Hearthstone's ranked play progression system, and specifically how you'll shuffle down levels at the end of each month.

Starting in March, you'll be set four ranks back from your current position every month - rather than the current system which sets you back a varying number of levels depending on where you ended up on the ladder.

It should make things easier for top level players - they'll have fewer ranks to reclimb - but also help people who break through the level 20 wall and manage to climb higher.

Another change will see every rank will now contain five stars to play for - a change which feels like it will make lower ranks matter more as you push through them.

Overall, the shake up feels like it could make your ranked play level a more permanent, ongoing challenge to keep improving - rather than a simple job to log into every month and simply to earn the month's exclusive card back.

Speaking of which, the current card back will now be earned after five wins - wherever you are on the ladder.

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