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Harvestella's day one update makes various changes from the demo

Reap what you sow.

Ahead of Harvestella's full release on 4th November, Square Enix has released a list of tweaks it will push out with a day one update.

Details of the update were shared alongside more information about in-game content in an official blog post.

Square Enix said the day one changes have been made based on feedback from the demo available on Nintendo Switch.

Cover image for YouTube videoHARVESTELLA - 2nd Trailer
Watch the latest trailer for Harvestella.

The day one update will make the following changes:

  • Longer days
  • Reduced cooldown for job changes
  • Increased attack speed for Mages
  • Warning effect when a character is low on HP
  • Partially reduced loading time
  • Modified UI when saving
  • Various bug fixes

There's one more thing Square Enix has changed, and it's my favourite solely from how they've described it in the blog post. "Fishing is more fun." What they mean is they've decreased the window of time you have to a catch fish once it's hooked to make it more challenging and rewarding, but I appreciate the simplicity and honesty.

The blog post also reveals more information on the game's features. A mysterious dungeon with strong enemies will only appear during Quietus, the fifth season that's causing all sorts of problems for people and their crops.

The entrance to the Quietus dungeon is this glowing well.

A new job called Lunamancer has been revealed. The job is capable of gravity attacks and is most effective at "wide-range magic attacks and weakening enemies".

A Lunamancer in action.

As well as cooking, you can also deliver meals to various NPCs in mini side-quests for rewards.

A look at the food delivery UI.

Lastly, a creature called Chief Conellu can be found in his hideout. There are several Conellu dolls that can be found within the game and handed over to the Chief for more rewards.

Chief Conellu reminds me of the black mages in Final Fantasy. I think it's the eyes.

You can read the full blog post on the Square Enix website.