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Harmonix funds fansite

Donates two-large.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Guitar Hero developer Harmonix has donated USD 2,000 to help keep a fansite afloat.

Score Hero had been calling for donations to help reach the USD 10,000 sum it needed to upgrade its server hardware in anticipation of Guitar Hero III. The dosh Harmonix boss Alex Rigolopolous stumped up helped push the site to its target.

Activision recently detailed the modes and tracks we could expect from Guitar Hero III, which had us all frothing at our rock-chops. There's some classics included from The Rolling Stones, Muse, Heart and The Beastie Boys, and the game will come complete with wireless guitars of freedom.

Pop over to our recent news story for a full eyeball of what to expect when the game launches. But when that will be, we're not sure.

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