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Halo Wars to have co-op campaign

Plus: six-player online battles.

Halo Wars is to sport a trendy co-operative campaign for you and a friend; the same feature boasted about for Red Alert 3 not so long ago.

Developer Ensemble is also offering online battles for six of you, according to a preview in magazine GamePro (read by TeamXbox).

The piece goes on to talk of how Halo Wars has had its learning curve shortened in favour of picking-up the pace during battles; assaults can be prepared in less than a minute, we're told, which is faster than toasting bread.

Halo Wars was unveiled at X06 by a fancy trailer during the press conference. The hope is that Ensemble can have the same impact on real-time strategy that Bungie had on first-person shooters using Master Chief and his alien nemeses.

We've not seen a great deal of the Xbox 360-exclusive since then, with assets only spilling in dribs and drabs onto the Internet recently. It looks unlikely to make it to shops in 2008, but we expect to hear more about it at either E3 or the Leipzig Games Convention later this year.

Until then, pop over to our Halo Wars gamepage to find out more.

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