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Halo Wars demo arriving in four weeks

Series has sold 25 million copies.

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More droplets of news trickle out of Microsoft's rather dry CES keynote address in Las Vegas last night: Xbox 360 strategy spin-off Halo Wars is to get a demo on 5th February (as reported by IGN and GameSpot).

That's four weeks from now, and three weeks ahead of its release. That release date is now the 28th February in the US, three days earlier than previously announced - but we assume the European date of the 27th February remains unchanged.

Bach reminded everyone that expansion pack Halo 3: ODST is coming out this year, and trumpeted total sales of 25 million copies for the Halo series to date.

When he wasn't blowing smoke up Bungie's rings or making games with children, Bach spent the the presentation slapping himself on the back for selling lots of consoles, getting 17 million active users on Xbox live (three million in the last three months), increasing the size of friends lists by 33 per cent since introducing Avatars in November, and accounting for 80 per cent of download sales in the war of the multi-format music games. Allegedly.

There was also some stuff about a new Windows. Viva Las Vegas.

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