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Halo Infinite datamine reveals helmet attachments, weapon charms and an emblem based on The Rock's infamous fanny pack photo

Through the eye of a Needler.

Halo Infinite's latest technical preview took place over the weekend, and of course the dataminers had a field day.

Those willing to dig into what Halo Infinite, which was playable on PC as well as Xbox, has to offer unearthed everything from strange helmet attachments to memes.

John Linneman, Rich Leadbetter and Alex Battaglia spend the best part of 40 minutes sharing their thoughts on the Halo Infinite technical preview.Watch on YouTube

Redditor marcopolo444 posted links to a long list of images hosted on Imgr showing stuff that wasn't available in the technical preview, such as a red nose reindeer helmet attachment clearly set to launch this Christmas.

There are loads of cute weapon charms, too:

Some of the emblems are riffs on popular internet memes:

There are also clips doing the rounds of some vehicles we haven't yet had a chance to play with, including the Scorpion tank:

There's not a huge amount that's surprising here (although I didn't expect an emblem based on The Rock's infamous fanny pack photo to show up in Halo!). Halo Infinite multiplayer is a standalone free download, supporting by a premium battlepass and the sale of cosmetics. Of course 343 will have a long list of aesthetic items planned for release for Infinite - even off the way armour.

We just published our Halo Infinite multiplayer impressions, if you're wondering how it's shaping up.

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