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Halo 5 Grifball has a betrayal problem - 343's on the case

Splash damage.

Halo 5 Grifball is up and running, and it's a lot of fun. But the Halo community has already flagged a few issues, one of which has to do with betrayal.

Grifball is a game mode that involves infinite use of the Gravity Hammer, a hulking melee weapon that does massive splash damage. It's easy, amid the chaos of your average game of Grifball, to accidentally hit your teammates with your Gravity Hammer. This has always been a part of Grifball. In fact, for many, accidental betrayal is part of the fun.

The thing is, after you've been betrayed a few times, Halo 5 asks you a question: Mark the Betrayer? Two replies are available: "okay", and "dismiss". "Okay" boots the betrayer from the game.

The below gif, sourced from r/Halo, shows how this works in-game.

Halo 5 defaults to "okay", so it's easy to accidentally boot a trigger-happy teammate from the game. Players have suggested 343 add a timer so you select the intended option.

The appropriately named SpartanRage117 sums the feeling up:

But what if you're on the receiving end of an unfair ban? grammar__cop tells it like it is:

To 343's credit, it's said it's on the case, and will look into betrayal thresholds. It seems likely the developer will take action to improve one of Halo's fan-favourite modes.

Meanwhile, players discovered an interesting exploit in one Grifball map, just hours after the mode went live. Take a look at this, flagged up by Swolley on r/Halo:

Again, 343 said it was on the case.

And here's another exploit, brought to light by Reddit user PraetorianiRex, that slipped through the net on Fathom:

It's worth noting that despite these issues, Grifball has been received well. Courtesy of Reddit user A_Wild_Mreh, we see the Gravity Hammer even has its own assassination animation!

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