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Hack flips Super Metroid on its side, makes game even harder

Fresh spin.

You've probably played Super Metroid - but probably not like this.

A recently released hack from metroidconstruction.com user SMILEuser96 rotates the SNES 2D action platforming game 90 degrees clockwise.

Samus, however, remains orientated as before, so you play Super Metroid on its side.

As you can see from the video, below, the hack makes for tricky platforming. You need to wall jump your way through much of the game, and one early room requires infinite bomb jumping, SMILEuser96 warned.

One cool thing about this Super Metroid hack is that a group of people worked together to help iron out "permastucks" - parts of the game that are impassable as a result of it being flipped on its side.

You can download the hack from Metroid Construction.

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