Super Metroid

Metroid Prime remains one of Nintendo's finest games

Why Retro Studios' masterpiece is as essential now as it was in 2002.

Metroid has always been a mesh of different DNA: a little of Zelda's exploration mixed in with the acrobatics of Mario and then tied together with some good old fashioned plasma ballistics. Even taking into account that heritage, there was nothing quite like Metroid Prime when it launched in 2002. Coming up to 13 years later, and despite a couple of high quality sequels and almost a decade of increasingly fevered begging from fans, there's been nothing like it ever since.

Speedrun event raises $1m for cancer charity

Watch four Super Metroid masters race each other to the finish.

Some of the world's top speedrunners gathered together last week to complete 155 games in record-breaking times - all in the name of charity.