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GTA 5's Los Santos then and now: Outside Xbox takes a tour

Plus F1 2013 Classic Edition, Child of Light.

Hello, Eurogamers! Welcome again to the pick of this week's videos from Outside Xbox. There are only three more sleeps until Grand Theft Auto 5 day, when you will be too busy playing the game to watch videos about it. Now is the time therefore to catch Show of the Week starring GTA 5 and its sprawling city of Los Santos.

In the show, we tour iconic Los Santos locations in both GTA 5 and in 2004's GTA: San Andreas to see what a difference almost a decade makes. It's a trip down memory lane, but who knew your memories had such a short draw distance?

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Not a GTA fan? If you prefer your autos faster, older and not grand thefted, consider the classic F1 cars of F1 2013 Classic Edition. In the video below, Mike appraises the game's landmark 80s and 90s models and presents the three best of the bunch.

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Finally, if you prefer your games with no cars at all, Andy has you covered with Child of Light: a painterly "playable poem" of a platforming RPG, built in the same engine as Rayman: Legends. Get the good word on it in the video below from writer Jeffrey Yohalem, the same man who wrote Far Cry 3.

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