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GTA IV trailer tonight

But screenshots now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar Games is fiddling with Sellotape and generally fastening up the final bits of a new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, which is set to go live tonight at 8pm GMT, which is noon in some other part of the world or something.

The new trailer will be called "Move up, ladies", and will add to our already considerably considerable knowledge about GTA IV - knowledge that we recently compiled in our Grand Theft Auto IV: The Story So Far feature.

To help get you in the mood for moving up the ladies or whatever Rockstar's preparing, the publisher has also pumped out some new screenshots drawn from the trailer, which show a view from under a bridge, a man on a motorbike and a pub.

Join us soon after 8pm for the trailer or help crash by going there at the allotted time and hitting F5 as often as your anticipation-filled fingers will permit.

The full game's due out sometime between February and the end of April on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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