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GTA 5 actor says he "shot some stuff" for a planned "James Bond Trevor" DLC

"They never followed up on it."

An image of Grand Theft Auto 5 character Trevor Philips pointing at something out of shot.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Steven Ogg, who played Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto 5, has revealed he "shot some stuff" for a DLC that would have continued the character's adventures, now working as an undercover agent for the FBI, but it "just disappeared and [Rockstar] never followed up on it."

As those with long memories might recall, Rockstar announced it was working on "some very exciting" story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 all the way back in 2013. However, those plans were quietly shelved after it shifted its focus to the hugely popular GTA Online.

Rockstar never officially revealed what it had been planning for its Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC, but a few tantalising details have now emerged during a Q&A livestream hosted by Streamily. According to Michael de Santa actor Ned Luke - appearing alongside Shawn Fonteno, who played Franklin Clinton, and Steven Ogg - Rockstar was "originally... gonna do the continuing stories of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor".

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Ogg was a little more specific, recollecting, "We also had that really cool shit of — and I forget if it was DLC, I have no idea — where Trevor was gonna be undercover, he works for the Feds. And we did shoot some of that stuff with 'James Bond Trevor'."

"He's still kind of a fuck up but he's doing his best," Ogg continued, "and we shot some stuff and then it just disappeared... and they never followed up on it." Interestingly, Ogg's recollection tallies with datamined source code leaks from late last year pointing to a number of planned DLC for GTA 5, one of which had been given the name "Agent Trevor".

Ogg's comments offer a small but intriguing tease of what might have been, but, of course, with GTA 6 now officially revealed, all eyes are on what Rockstar will do next. And if everything goes to plan - which reportedly might not be the case - GTA 6 should arrive sometime next year.

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