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GTA 3 dodo location and how to 'fly' the dodo explained

Here's how to take the dodo to the sky - if only for a few moments.

GTA 3's dodo was something new for the series - a way to fly through the air, albeit briefly.

The dodo has become infamous for being nearly impossible to fly - which is intentional - and has become a challenge among players to keep it soaring through the sky as long as possible.

This page explains where to find the dodo in GTA 3 - and how to 'fly' it as long as possible.

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GTA 3 Definitive Edition - Gameplay Comparison.

What is the dodo in GTA 3?

The dodo is a small airplane that appeared first in GTA as the first airborne vehicle in the series and is infamous for being nearly impossible to fly.

It has since become a bit of a challenge to attempt to fly as long as possible, with little or no reward for doing so - though it can allow you to access some inaccessible parts of the map, such as the 'Ghost Town':

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While the sequels bring improved forms of this aircraft, it is certainly interesting to obtain in GTA 3 to learn where the history of flight in the series first came from.

The dodo can be fun for a while, but ultimately proves too difficult to pilot - making it inconsistent as a way of transport.

GTA 3 dodo location: Where to find the dodo in GTA 3

The dodo can be found once you have opened the closed bridges and can fully explore the map. Specifically, you can find it:

  • In the green hangar north of Francis International Airport in the Shoreside Vale, will only show up after the 'Grand Theft Aero' mission.
  • Francis International Airport - Southwest Hangar
  • Francis International Airport - East point of the runway
  • Portland Docks Garage - Only after the 'Import/Export' side mission is complete, unlockable at any time by following the list of cars to steal in Portland Harbor's docks. Keep in mind to play the main story since some of the objectives are locked behind progression.

Dodo controls and how to 'fly' the dodo in GTA 3

The Grand Theft Auto 3 version of the dodo sports very short wings, making this airplane extremely difficult to drive since it's not intended for long flights, and the slightest incorrect manoeuvre can make you plummet to the ground.

However, it can very useful to reach high altitudes and grant you access to several areas, so learning how to drive it it's at least worth a shot.

If you want to fly the dodo you must follow the next steps:

  1. Accelerate through a flat and long enough terrain, while holding the left analog stick or the dodo down button.
  2. When you see sparks under the dodo and hear screeching sounds, release the left analog stick/dodo down button, and the airplane should ascend up in the air.
  3. Once you're up in the air, you need to be fast and stabilize it by pressing the dodo Down button/Down D-pad to keep it steady for as long as possible.
  4. The dodo will keep doing a gliding manoeuvre from time to time, alternatively ascending and descending, so be careful and if you want to steer this aircraft remember to just tap the directional buttons as gently as you can. Otherwise, it'll fall down and crash.

As mentioned - the dodo in GTA 3 is ultimately a novelty and a fun challenge to try and pilot as long as you can. Best of luck with your 'flights'!

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