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GT5 Ultimate Edition costs €190 - Amazon

You've had plenty of time to save.

Amazon France has listed an Ultimate Edition of Gran Turismo 5 for an eye-watering €189.95.

The site offers no explanation of box contents. However, an interview with Sony India boss Atindriya Bose offered a hint.

"For GT5, there are two collector's editions," Bose told Indian Videogamer. "One is the game plus some added content and collectables, while the other is in a really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game."

"It's all car-related," he added, "but I'm unaware of the exact contents."

Amazon France also lists a Special Edition of Gran Turismo 5 for €99,90 and Standard Edition for €65,90.

Eurogamer's waiting to hear back from Sony Europe about this one.

Gran Turismo 5 will be released on 2nd November in North America. European specifics aren't available - yet.

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