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Grounded to get "larger and slightly less frequent" updates from now on

Top soil.

Grounded will get "larger and slightly less frequent" updates from now on, developer Obsidian has said.

After a period of radio silence, the developer issued an update on its survival game, which launched in early access form in July last year.

"We are approaching the one-year mark from the game preview / early access launch and we still have so much that we want to do for the game," Obsidian said.

"Some of these larger features take time, and with a small team it's difficult to release content every month while balancing larger tasks that need to get done to finish the game. We will be looking at doing larger and slightly less frequent updates moving forward, which will allow us to make our updates more meaningful with more and better content.

"Our goal is to find the right balance of keeping the game fresh with new things while giving the team enough time to make quality features. As always your feedback in this process is critical as we figure out a good release cadence as we continue on the path towards our 1.0 launch."

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Obsidian is currently working on Grounded's next update, 0.10.0, which is on track for launch at the end of June. Obsidian said it's decided not to release an update in May in order to focus on this June update, which the developer described as one of Grounded's biggest yet.

Obsidian teased some new features coming with the June update, including the ability to flip some building pieces to get the mirrored version, the addition of more curved walls and roof variations, and a change to giant food items so they can be found more frequently.

Meanwhile, Obsidian has added sprinting while climbing up ladders, and an upgrade to the latest version of game engine Unreal.

Donlan played Grounded when it came out last year and found it "completely magical". Bertie later dipped his toe into Grounded's soil and had something to say about its spiders.

It's busy times at Obsidian, of course. The Microsoft-owned studio is working on Avowed, a first-person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity world. Perhaps we'll see it at Microsoft's upcoming E3 showcase.