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Grand Theft Auto IV: New Trailer

On Eurogamer TV: Searching for that special someone.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar's second public trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV has gone live and we're mirroring it on Eurogamer TV.

Called "Looking For That Special Someone", the one-minute-six-second teaser begins as protagonist Niko Bellic is seen in a variety of scenes trying to track someone down. At one point a woman pleads with him to stop the killing.

The trailer also treats us to a few glimpses of things we've never seen in GTA before: hanging off the back of lorries, kicking in a door and shattering the lock, clinging onto a helicopter as it swoops over the city, and watching from inside a car as bullets impact against the windscreen and leave holes in specific places.

Apart from the gameplay implications, there's the promise of some of the most detailed environments ever witnessed in a Grand Theft Auto game - or any of its clones - with Rockstar taking every opportunity to show off the range of lighting conditions and other special effects its artists have been invited to employ.

We expect you'll be watching it over and over tonight to glean details, so don't be shy about using the comment section to share the things you spot.

GTA IV is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 16th October in the US and 19th October in Europe.

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